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Gewerbeverein Zell e.V. was founded in 1844 and has represented the interests of Zell‘s tradesmen and artisans for more than one and a half centuries.

Yet the tradesman, artisans in Zell is a tradition stretching back 2000 years. Back in the time of the Romans with its strategic position halfway between Augusta Trevorum (Trier) and Confluentes (Koblenz) Zell was an important centre for trade and commerce. Many of the records, relicts and documents in the Town Museum in Zell refer to the economic significance of Cella or Zell even in Roman times. The name Zell comes from the Latin Cella meaning cellar; for even in those days the cellars were well stocked with the wines of the region.
Wine, this basic product of the land, lead to the development of a flourishing economy with all manner of tradesmen, craftsmen and artisans. Over the centuries the economic significance of Zell as trade centre for the Moselle region grew, despite the limited possibilities for expansion due to the steepness and narrowness of the valley.

The old town with its many shops and small businesses is the centre of Zell, offering a wide range of goods. The locals can easily satisfy their day-today needs and the holiday guest can buy souvenirs for their family and friends at home. Here visitors can take their time and window shop; fashion, design, handcraft and artwork, even look over a glass blower’s shoulder – take your pick, the choice is yours. And when the shopping legs begin tire, why not pop in to one of the many wine bars and cellars, try the different wines and become a connoisseur of the region’s finest vintages

Zell’s many elegant restaurants ensure your „feel-good-needs” are fully met. You will need more than a short stay to test every restaurant and wine bar in the town; bring plenty of time, a healthy thirst and a hearty appetite. And we still need to find space and time for the suburbs of Kaimt and Merl and the small neighbouring villages.

Over the last thirty years economic growth has really impacted the suburb of Marl. New businesses have set themselves up alongside many a local firm. By moving to Marl firms were able to exchange cramped offices and workshops for generous facilities with potential for growth and expansion. Industry, commerce, manufacturing, artisans, the new hospital, wine cellars, together with a range of specialist sores and service providers have settled here and with the old town provide balanced potential for strong economic growth.